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Kwizerati Question Editor

This is where you create questions which you can then download to your phone. You may cut and paste pre-existing question text and images or create questions yourself from scratch.

Test questions basically come in 4 parts: 1)the statement of the question with any supporting text or images, 2)the list of possible choices for the answer ("choices"), and 3)the answer itself and (optionally) 4)an explanation of the answer and perhaps why incorrect choices were incorrect

Create your questions adhering to that basic structure. You can enter any of these four components at any time--they need not be entered in sequence.

Errors in any section can be corrected by standard text editing methods. If you decide to delete an answer choice entirely, click the radio button in its row.

The toolbar provides rich text editing for your question. The controls in the toolbar are essentially the same as you would find in an email editor such as hotmail or gmail, plus less common functionality like superscripting and subscripting. Above the toolbar are 3 clickable menus with special characters used in the sciences. These might come in handy for questions from these disciplines.

Set (or reset) the correct answer via the 'Set Answer' drop-down selector below the colored editing area.

Images may be added to any of the four sections described above by clicking in the appropriate section and then clicking the image upload controls in the toolbar above the editing area. These include the standard 'browse' file selector and the 'upload' button. Once the image appears in the editor, you may click on it to resize it.

When you have completed entry of the question and it is satisfactory, hit the 'submit' button to send the question to the server. When you have completed your question set, use the 'sync' feature of Kwizerati on your smart phone to download the question set(s) you have created so they will be available for use!