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  • Welcome to Kwizerati, a powerful tool in your pursuit of excellent standardized test scores!
  • This website is for use with the Android app of the same name. Create your question sets here and then download them to your smartphone.
  • Ready to create a question set? Fill out the fields below and click the 'go' button, which will take you to the question wizard. Enter as many questions as you like for your question set. Every time you hit 'submit', your question will be stored on the server with the rest of your submitted questions for this question set.
  • Read a quick explanation of how to use the question wizard.
  • You are encouraged to make your original questions available for others to use, and you are encouraged to use question sets created by others.
  • Only registered users may post public question sets. This is because they must be accountable for the originality of their sets. You may not upload copyrighted material to the public question set pool.